Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh, Iris

A quote Palmer Design Group adapted from Iris Apfel herself! New words to live by!

Today's post is a simple one, admiring the stylishly-outstanding, Iris Apfel. She's an expert on color, texture, and all things fabulous [a lot like Janice Palmer]. We at Palmer Design Group, encourage you all to familiarize yourselves with her legacy, send her an email of admiration, or just admire her greatness from your monitor! She has a birthday this week and we just wanted to share one of our greatest inspirations with Orange Haven readers! Being fabulous is difficult, and staying fabulous is nearly impossible- Iris Apfel makes it look effortless and has been forever!

The Legend and Purveyor of Creativity, brazenly being herself! Happy early Birthday Iris Apfel! 

"The key to Knowing who you are is Owning who you are, and making absolutely no excuses for being exactly that!"

Iris- so inspiring for so many years; Thank You for sharing your gifts, talents, and awesome style and grace with the design community!

How beautimus is she? 

Absolutely, Definitely, FABULOUS!
The "Iris" by Jimmy Choo, own it here!

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