Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hospitably Yours: Hotel Design Inspiration

Mon Hotel, Paris

Gansevoort Park Avenue

Gansevoort Park Avenue's texture-rich lobby...absolutely luscious!

The Roundhouse Dia: Beacon
Rustic relaxation at New York's Beacon Falls, featuring a must-see Art Museum, transcendental scenery and great restaurants! Artwork on the left: Accidental Admiration by Bruce Nauman
Baubles at the Bar

Hotel Cellai  Florence, Italy
Luxury Suites with intimate character in the 19th Century Townhouse, Hotel Cellai

Les Champs Elysees 

Candlelit Lounging, Mon Hotel Paris

Afraid of dark colors in your Master? Go for it! Just keep finishes reflective and don't forget pops of white wherever possible!
Thank you all for enjoying our current inspirational hotel spaces! Please comment and share yours, or recent hotel suites from your summer travel!

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